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I get up at 5am and I train hard. I’ve got two young children, so I have to get up early. But I like it. Morning is when I do all my best work. Whenever I wake up, I’m up, I don’t lie there like an idiot. I get up, run up a hill, get some exercise and have some time with my thoughts.

Jason Momoa

Hard Gainer: Men’s Health UK October 2014 
Photography: Patrik Giardino

Fitness magazines make me wanna barf, but goddamn, LOOK AT THIS SLICE OF HEAVEN.

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Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and his dog Blue ( Montalbetti & Campbell - 1996).

Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and his dog Blue ( Montalbetti & Campbell - 1996).


I didn’t really have friends. I loved weird movies and I wore bowling shoes and I wanted to think outside of cultural norms even at that age. I went through a phase of eating dinner in the shower, because I thought, ‘Why don’t we do that?’ Then I realised, ‘Because it doesn’t make any sense.’ It doesn’t save any time and you can’t really get into a steak and baked potato when there’s water pouring on you. But my parents were very open because I wasn’t interested in doing anything bad, I just wanted to do weird stuff.

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September’s month: looking after the Fringe team in all eras and universes

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The cinema for me is such a therapy. Even a silly movie - the lights go down and for that hour and a half you’re kind of lost. I love that. And to give people that experience – movies that move you, or make you laugh, or scare you, it’s just such a joy.

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Kill Bill Vol.1 - Soundtrack

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Rinko Kikuchi photographed by Chikashi Suzuki for Purple Magazine

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